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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use two devices at the same time on one subscription?

No you can not. Multiple login on one account can block your username and IP address. However, you can request an additional connection for an additional fee.

What type of devices do you support?

We support all types of devices such as: MAG, Android Smartphone, Android Box, Enigma, DreamBox, Vu+ (…), PC, VLC, Kodi/XBMC (…), Smart TV (…).

How to setup IPTV on my device ?

It is very easy to connect IPTV. Follow the tutorial page or chat with us or send an email, and our agent will help you to setup it on your device.

Do I need a satellite to use IPTV?

No, you will connect the subscription GETIPTVSUBS servers via the Internet and you do not need any dish or satellite equipment.

What are the advantages of IPTV?

Generally, IPTV or Internet Protocol has several advantages. It offers a potential and highly profitable prospect in the current market, seen by countless telecom providers, and envisions positive and profitable new services that can generate new revenue.

What payment method do you accept?

You can pay with Paypal or Credit Card.

I downloaded the playlist, but the channels are not working in my Smart TV?

Make sure your playlist is working, using IPTV Player or VLC Player on PC.

What does the package include?

When you subscribe to GETIPTVSUBS, you get login credentials to IPTV server with instructions for how to setup it on your device.

What is the typical response time for a support question?

Since you report us a support question we try to make our best to find out what is going on, depending on the case it could take more or less time, however a standard time could be minutes.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are usually processed manually. Please be patient, we will be able to serve you within 5 minutes to 2 hours.

  • Please note during busy periods at evenings and weekends orders may take up to 3 hours to process.
What content do you supply?

We offer a full range of European, UK, US, and Asian channels with a 4k /Ultra HD quality.

Do You Garantee That All Channels Will Work?

Our company all the time tries to do better for their customers so that the channels never go down. But in some cases, some channels may not work, and the cause is that we are working to fix these channels as soon as possible. Rarely in a channel, can change the channel and put another channel

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